Archive | March, 2013

A balanced diet of work and play

Having a day hibernating at home today. One of those days… So much for the snow forecast though! Not a flake in sight. I got up really late, had the most delicious bowl of porridge, cream, brown sugar and honey, and now I’m sorting out some stuff for Ember. The things I’m discovering about forwarding […]

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Be our 10,000th fan to WIN!

We started our Facebook page as a place to gather people who have a passion for skiing and snowboarding like us and where we can share our favourite photos and videos. We’re really excited that we’re so close to 10,000 fans so we’ve decided to give £50 to spend at Snow + Rock to the […]

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Special delivery!

This morning I received a very special delivery that I have been looking forward to getting my hands on – my very lovely new business cards! What do you think?

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