Exciting Launch News!

At the top of the world! 

Well, here I am a couple of years back, and even then, sweating after a long trek in Venezuela, the idea of Ember was slowly germinating. I remember thinking I’d like to harness all that heat and shove it into a pair of ski gloves, so I’d never feel cold again on the slopes. As I travelled through South America I started jotting down basic sketches, and adding bits and taking them away as I thought through all the features I’d like to include……..as I said, really basic, but the beginnings of a glove and mitten I was determined would be the best, both in style and functionality.

My very first effort! 


And then my crazy jaunt a year later to China and Taiwan! I literally decided to go, and virtually jumped on a plane to visit half a dozen factories to discuss and look at my ideas. I believe that it’s people that count in the end and talking face to face is so important. I wanted to see if my thoughts could be put into practice. Yes, I had seen heated gloves and in fact owned a pair that served me reasonably well, but that’s the problem. They were OK but not amazing. They certainly kept my hands warm in chilly conditions, but they lacked certain features and they certainly didn’t look chic, that’s for sure! As I researched more and more, I realised that although there were heated gloves out there, there was no company that I felt was focusing all their efforts on heated ski and boarding gloves, taking into account style, colour and appearance as well as practicality.

And so off I went, from Shenzhen to Huizhou and back again. 

And then on to Taiwan and then……………..endlessly talking to people, looking, pushing on with my mission. I met some incredible people, had some extraordinary adventures, encountered kindness, indifference, enthusiasm, glass not half full but totally empty glass people. The diversity of humanity. But all I saw, wherever I went, were racks of black heated gloves, grey gloves, on a good day white heated gloves. It was then I decided finally that I had to just get on with it; produce a heated ski glove and mitten that ticked all the boxes. In other words I had to start virtually from scratch.

Initially I bounded into this venture, probably oblivious of the many challenges ahead. There are certainly numerous times already I’ve thanked my lucky stars that I’m such a positive person, with grit determination and perseverance when I’m after something I really want! Reaching for something above the average is never easy. I always knew though that eventually I’d get there. Wherever ‘there’ is of course – there’s always room for development and improvement. I’ve never given up on something I believe in and I’m definitely not going to start now!

And so here I am. The final samples in sight. It’s still not easy though. Even at this stage, changes are being made daily. Discussions and communications whizzing through the ether. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and a thing worth having must be worth waiting for.

A few weeks ago, I booked a stand at the London Ski and Snowboard Show (at the end of October at Earl’s Court, until 3 November). I can’t wait. It’s a wonderful opportunity to tell people about Ember and also, very importantly, a great opportunity to listen and take on board what people want. It’s never too late to make changes if you’re striving for perfection! I hope all you guys – skiers, boarders, snow sport beginners and seasoned fanatics – will flood me with your ideas, and I hope you’ll really enjoy seeing and hearing about Ember and what’s on offer.

The season’s on its way .  Only a few months to go before you can hit the slopes and get rid of those slope withdrawal symptoms!                  I for one, am counting.





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