Fun, snow, gloves and anticipation.

What an amazing ski and snowboard show in London! I’m still buzzing. It was a chance to talk about skiing and boarding all day, meet a load of interesting new people, have a go at all sorts of crazy activities, enter lots of competitions for incredible ski trips, test out toffee vodka shots, and above all have loads of FUN…..

IMG_3194There’s our stand, right there – search out the Ember logo!


My son and I had a stand in the middle of it all, and finally could show off our amazing Ember heated ski gloves and mittens. I’m passionate about our products and watching everyone try on our prototypes and loving them as much as me, was a real high! I couldn’t have ever imagined the response – from ski instructors to members of the GB ski team to the millions of enthusiasts who go for their week’s fix every year. They all absolutely loved them. I can’t remember one negative comment. A couple of weeks later and I’m still excited. Everyone wanted a pair of our gloves or mittens – it was sad to have to tell them that they’re not on sale until around February through our website – but then perfection is worth waiting for :)




This is gorgeous Mathilde, who was on the stand next to us, wearing an Ember pair of gloves. She looks amazing don’t you think?


The show was also incredibly useful for me. I was inviting people to give me their thoughts and ideas, and I had some great and useful feedback. I listened, and as a result, the gloves and mittens finally being manufactured as I write this, are truly better than the samples we had at the show. I’m adjusting a few things to make an even more brilliant set of snow sport gloves and mittens, for example I’ve decided to add a double layer of robust, warm, waterproof and breathable material around the base of the thumb to ensure an even longer life on the slopes. We all know how that pesky area tends to wear and shred quickly!

Here’s a few more photos to whet your appetite.IMG_1095 IMG_1097 IMG_1098 IMG_1100 IMG_1101 IMG_1103 IMG_1104


Don’t forget to keep your yes peeled.  Check out our progress at and see all the INCREDIBLE features we’ve crammed into one pair of gloves – and book a pair as soon as they’re available. Be one of the first to be totally warm and stylish on the slopes!!!   Be impressed by the innovative 4 setting heating system using our unique Emberwire, the nose wipe, lens squeegee, touchscreen compatible material on thumb and index finger, adjustable strap with unique rubberised velcro, convenient lift pass pocket on the back of the hand……I could go on and on and on and on……and even if you took away every one of these wonderful features, you’d still be left with a pair of quality, warm, waterproof gloves made of the best materials to keep you warm and dry on the slopes; genuinely excellent snow sport gloves.

I’m starting with the two design patterns shown above and then we’ll be increasing the colour range and adding an optional tracker to keep you and your loved ones safe on the piste, wherever you are. I’m so proud of this design that has already taken two years to reach.

And to all those guys I met and the new friends I made, a big thank you for your support and enthusiasm.

That’s what life’s all about!








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