After sweat and tears, laughter, stress, excitement, every emotion you can imagine, the moment’s finally arrived. Ember is ready for take off! I can’t believe it. So excited.

The past few months have been hectic; refining, improving, changing materials to ensure retention of warmth and patterns that will never fade, testing, retesting, adapting, developing the ideal ski glove! And finally the time has come. The products are in the last process of production as I write this. The London Ski and Snowboard Show at Earls Court begins on the 30th October, lasting 4 days, and I will have about 120 pairs of gloves and mittens to sell at the show, so if you want a pair then you’d better get there fast!

In November the new website will be up and running and the gloves and mittens will be available to buy online – initially in two colour designs as in the photos.

They will be retailing at £198 and this will include ALL accessories such as the gorgeous bag, lanyards, battery charger and adaptors! Don’t forget the integrated goggle squeegee, nose wipe, e compatible material to use your mobile, 4 setting heat system, lift pass conveniently on the back of each hand, double layer materials where there will be most wear, leather inside strip and silicon patterning giving further grip, new design velcro to ensure snug fit and of course quality materials throughout with brilliant insulation…..all wrapped up in a chic, cool design. What more could you ask for? As you can tell, I’m passionate about this product, designed and made with love.



The unique discs on the backs of the hands, light up to show the temperature setting that’s switched on, and the bright Ember lights not only add to the functionality of the gloves, they also enhance the stylish, original design. You’ll stand out on the slopes for all the right reasons!

IMG_1097 IMG_1095

Loving them!


We’ll be at stand E63 at Earls Court so do check us out and have a close look at our amazing ‘Embers’.



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