The end of a great ski season! And a great discount to celebrate!!

IMG_1818So, what an awesome season it’s been!


After all the trials and tribulations and such hard work,  I’ve had an incredible few months. The London Ski and Snowboard Show last October was the start of these crazy times – Ember was catapulted into the whirl of the ski and snowboard community! Fun, fun, fun……and such support from customers and the world at large. S0 amazing to share something that’s been my passion for so long.

I listened to all the feedback, mostly great, and was also thrilled to be able to act on suggestions, ideas and of course the inevitable hiccups that arise with any new venture. At Ember we even changed the initial design of the heating system slightly, to ensure more reliability, no matter what the snow conditions. Of course, I continue to listen and develop, work on ideas and improvements – nothing stands still!


JC Skiing putting the gloves through their paces this season in France!


Our heated gloves and mittens have had some exciting reviews, such as this one from Exploco, a fab specialist sports travel marketplace. Check them out!

Great write-ups also by Rob Stewart at ‘Snow.Guide’, and an article in the massive magazine ‘In The Snow’, amongst many others.


Loved these pics Marcus Brigstocke and Andrew Maxwell sent me from the Altitude Festival this year at Mayrhofen, Austria. Must get there next year – what an unbelievable combination: comedy, skiing and boarding. Anything better?

IMG_0589-2 IMG_0590-2



And so, feeling pretty sad that we’ve come to the end of the season. Now my work starts looking at retailers and perhaps creating some links to get my heated gloves and mittens out on the shelves in the future. Not so easy against all the big competitors! Trying to get visible is not straightforward but with such a great product, who knows what next season will bring.

Don’t forget to head to to buy a pair of  heated gloves or mittens, and just to add to your day, there’s a ridiculous £30 DISCOUNT until the end of May 2015. Just pop in the voucher code: Ember1discount.

A new added bonus… can buy a gift voucher at £50 vouchers are available online!





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