Advanced heating controls

The four setting heating system enables a fast, efficient control of the temperature of your gloves. If you need a short blast of higher heat, merely press the button. Another click or two and the temperature changes according to YOUR needs.The control buttons are easily accessible on the back of the gloves without removing them.

Platinum thinsulate insulation

Platinum thinsulate insulation ensures your gloves are breathable and moisture-resistant. Air molecules are trapped in a given space, and because the microfibres are so fine, they trap more air in less space, providing a great insulator. With more fibres packed in, they reflect back more of the radiant warmth. The perfect solution. Warmth without bulk.

Adjustable fit

The stylish Velcro strap (our own unique rubberised Velcro that doesn't fray or bobble even when wet and cold) is easily adjustable to stop the snow sneaking in. The inner cuff hugs the wrist, providing an extra barrier from the elements, and the outer cuff is also adjustable with a toggle to tighten or loosen the cuff as required.

Emberwire technology

Our unique technology keeps the cold away as you catch air on a Black Diamond or cruise along on a leisurely blue. Emberwire, a blend of thin, sealed wires, reduces the possibility of breakage. It allows specific heat output to strategic areas; an even distribution of heat enables a precise ‘tuning’ of heat distribution and a fast heat producing time.

Lithium polymer battery

Our lithium polymer batteries (7.4V 1500mAh 11.1Wh) provide a long battery life in a light, slim package.The battery slides easily into the cuff pocket. In the evening, recharge the batteries. You don't even have to remove them from the gloves. Unzip the waterproof pocket and plug in the charger. In the morning you're all set for another warm day in the snow. Could it be any easier?

Comfort, style and protection

The effective use of quality materials keeps you warm and dry, the soft inner shell wicking away any moisture on your hands. The leather panel on the glove palm, and the silica patterning, provide water resistance and extra grip. Additional robust strengthening around the base of the thumb and index finger, help to prevent wear and tear.

Ski pass pocket

Fed up with scrabbling for your lift pass near the scanning screen at the gate? (Yes, it's always on the wrong side!) We've found the perfect answer……a zip pocket for your lift pass in the back of your glove or mitten. One easy swipe and you're through the gates. And of course you'll always know where your lift pass is.

Touch screen compatible

What a bonus! Ember gloves and mittens are touchscreen enabled. Take or make a call. Post an update on facebook or tweet without freezing fingers. Even our mittens have touchscreen enabled material on the end of the thumb. Avoid dropping your mobile from the chairlift as you fumble to remove your gloves to answer a call!

Goggle squeegee and nose wipe

Poor conditions or just a few flakes blurring your vision? Ember gloves have an amazing squeegee on the index finger to wipe your goggles without taking your gloves off; like the windscreen wiper on your car. The nose wipe on the thumb and index finger is another awesome feature you can use without removing your gloves, and it's washable!

Four heat settings

Feeling cold? Rack up the heating with one click. Skiing or riding in the sunshine? One push of the button and the temperature of your gloves is reduced or switched off completely. The four settings enable you to control the warmth. Just recharge your batteries and you're set for another warm day of brilliant skiing and snowboarding.

Travel adaptors included

The travel adaptors enable recharging of the batteries in almost any country you choose to visit! They are small and extremely lightweight, fitting beautifully in the special pocket within the free travel bag. Adaptors provided for EU UK US.

Travel bag

The free, stylish travel bag is great when packing for your snow breaks, or for storing your gloves and mittens ready for the next trip away. It’s robust, looks good and is so handy for keeping your gloves and mittens safe, with a couple of internal pockets for the gloves, charger and travel adaptors – all in one place; in one useful, chic bag.

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