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I started the company in 2011.

All my life I've been addicted to skiing and yet I've also suffered from cold hands on every trip! It was this that led to the formation of Ember. I must have spent thousands of pounds on ski gloves over the years and I woke up one morning in July 2011 with the thought that I must do something about this and produce the best possible gloves ever! This was a complete and dramatic career change for me but I was starting with a genuine passion for a product and a determination to search out quality, combining all the things I'd discovered from my personal experiences of skiing and boarding. The desire to produce a glove that combined functionality, style, innovative heat technology and unique design underpinned my determination to set up an exciting and forward thinking company, and so Ember was created.

I started researching what was already out there and even jumped on a plane to China and Taiwan, visiting factories and talking to many people, discovering what gloves were being produced, looking at designs and processes and exploring ideas. Apart from thinking about quality and materials, I wanted to look at innovative design and I soon realised that most gloves, particularly heated gloves, are functional but not inspiring. I returned to the UK determined to pursue the ideas I'd been considering for several years. I spent many months working with British designers to get to where we are now. The Ember gloves focus of course on warmth, achieved by the heating system, but all the other features combine to produce a quality snow glove with or without the added bonus of Emberwire heating. I believe we've thought of just about everything! It's taken a long while to get things right, always listening to feedback and considering suggestions. Listening. Crucial. Perfection takes a little longer.....

It's a glove made with love and passion, to make an impact on the slopes, ensuring you'll never have cold hands again! And of course this is only the beginning. Even now, I'm thinking ahead to the next season and the next, and the endless possibilities in terms of increasing our range and adding to our existing designs.

It's an exciting future.

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